Emails between my friend Lu(@Bristol University) and me

My email to Lu
I encountered something interesting and what to share it with you.
Linear Algebra,as an important tool in some subjects involving in my course,however is not in the schedule setted by the college,so I take it with another class this term.This week,I took the first class but found something very strange.When stepping into the classroom,I received a somewhat unwelcome feeling,and even one of them asked me bluntly'Hey sir,I'm sorry if you are not in my class?',of course I told him that I was just coming for a study,but from his 'special' reply,saying 'Hmm' I knew that he and perhaps most of them regarded me as a re-taking-course guy who poorly got a bad score on this subject last term.
Further more,not only me meet with this situation,but most of my other friends who took some other subjects unexpectedly come across it.
Perhaps people there regard them as the only person that should take the course.But to some extern,the whole university is totally open,you can attend any course without applying that much,you can use the classroom in campus as you will,you can even talk to some master.
But the truth is,when you directly go to others' classroom,as I did this time,you would be unwelcome,both for a mistaking as a re-taking-course and the unwilling of other people to join the so call HIGHER EDUCATION for certain 'higher' people.
I don't know if you encounter such situation.Is England university or students welcome others to join them?

Lu's Reply
We dont have any of this feeling as you described,coz the atomosphere here in my uni is absolutely great, as we r feeling very welcomed.  after all, my uni is the very top, in fact, the 3rd best uni in the UK, so i guess the students quanlity is different with respect to some of your uni's, which might be the main reason of ur problem.  but i do understand how u felt, let me give u some tips so as to help u, i hope:
first of all, u dont give a shit to those who might look down on you, as they dont like you, you dont like them. making friends is not ur aims for attending that class. U are there to learn what you need. just be urself and work harder and harder.  if u r very outstanding in that course, then how could others ever be able to look down on you? secondly, be happy for everything, u r there to learn things, and u r happy for it, then how could others' feeling bothers you? just smile all the time, people like happy man as their life is not so happy.  all is all,  be yourself and be happy is my piont here. Do what you wanna do, and say what you should say. i think this is the key to be popular if you want. 


  1. oh,i want to die,english makes me sick,,,,,,

  2. i'm very sorry about last time. i didn't read your passage and just comment a comment.

    and this time i have read what you said, i feel a little bit sad for your situation.the guy reply to you is giving good advices to you.

    i know you just have some emotional feeling,let them out then you will release yourself.it doesn't matter what you are going to do, it is a kind of saying sth to sb to give out.

    i love a sentence and give it to you:
    do you know about what the end of sadness?
    just let it go and come to the end rather than disturb it.