Jogging in Guilin - Is it poor?

Once again it comes such unique weather in Guilin - humidity and wet for nearly half a month.Some of my dormates,of course me included,have been constantly complaining about such fxxking days which can wet both your shoes and mood.But,believe it or not,perhaps the so-called 'world unique' mountain inGuilin is engraved by such 'powerful' weather.And this makes me have no choice but keep stand weeks of rain and try to make myself happy.

How to make myself happy?Besides going on with my study schedule,I'd like to jog around the city of Guilin and find something interesting.
Well today.although it may be a bad choice to go out,I still get on the bus with a water-proof boot going some unknown places to me.

I just can't remember how did I get to this road(perhaps by bus #30 and then some others).
It's nothing special at first,and in fact,it's one of the roads that can be called 'avenue' in Guilin.But after going by a small mountain,I encounter this special building on the right side of the road
From 2008_0404
(Figure 1 ---> a small mountain on the right side of the road)

From 2008_0404
(figure 2 ---> suddenly there's a very strange building emerges at the end of the mountain perhaps you can say that it is standing on the foot of the mountain.)

From 2008_0404
(figure 3 ---> an angle from the frond side of this building)

Perhaps such building is not a special scene in some less developed city in China and even in Beijing or Shanghai it's not something worthy to be taken attention to.But what interests me here is its place - this road(Zhongshan Rd. 中山路) is the most modern place in Guilin,but such poor building just stands by the road,which makes me feel very sorry for the designer of this city.It's just a spot!
In fact,there's more than one 'spots' in this city that make me feel very terrible.To be a tourism city,how can the city of Guilin be like this?

Then I go to have a further observation of this building.
After this,my opinion totally changes!
From 2008_0404
(figure 4 ---> a detail of the building.There are four words reading '木树之家' at the left side of the side door,and these words means'the house of the woods and trees')

From 2008_0404
(figure 5 ---> a small vegetable field  in front of the building.In fact,there's not only vegetable.Can you guess what are those trees in the picture? I think they must be peach trees.)

Although this building stands in a place that it shouldn't,judging from the scene around,I can draw a conclusion that the owners of this building live a happy life.
Just see the scene!
When you live in a house facing a large filed of green,how interesting to wake up the next morning with it?

People come here in Guilin not for the modern architecture or modern life,but a speed-down both on foot and in heart.Perhaps it is right such 'poor building' and so many spot in Guilin that can make people feel a somewhat 'speed-down'.Perhaps this is why this building still remains on the road.

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