A post card delivered from Round in France

From post card from round
Thanks to Round in France.Knowing my hobby is architecture she sent this very unique post card to me half month ago when she went back to France after traveling around Romes for half a month's time.And I get this card today!
Having  always been thinking that the Colosseo is set up in an empty square,I'm so surprised with the crowded buildings surrounding it when first glancing on the front of this card.
What amazed me more is the beautiful stamp in the back side.It's a palace called Vitnam in France.Vitnam?Vitnam in France?Yes,there is another vitnam in France,Round explained to me,It's a town where you can see the ocean and people there live a very comfortable life.I hope to go to this town some day in the future!

From post card from round


Mr.Children - 旅立ちの唄

A very heart warming song with an adding oil lyric.
Going on with your trip with nothing is not a good choice,instead,going with a song in mind or a whistle in mouth can make your trip less lonely.



崎嶇的過去裡 遙望遠眺著的景色
跌倒站起來再仔細看看 總算快要到達了吧

曾經你最喜歡的那首歌 流唱在這城市裡
那是偶然給我的 不經意的禮物

啟程唱的這首歌 下一步要往哪裡去呢?
每當開始迷失於自己的時候 就和你說說話吧
但是就算你聽得見 不用回我的話也沒關係啊

失去重要的東西 又再得到一次
就像那樣地反覆著 嶄新的體會

從今而後 淚眼相望也好 相互歡笑也好
即使說了「無法再像這樣了」 終究還是會想和某人在一起


開始時的唱賀 唱著最後的一首歌
當疲憊不堪到停下腳步的時候 稍微回過頭看看吧
過去會在手伸不到的地方 推著我的後背向前

啟程唱的這首歌 下一步要往哪裡去呢?
每當就要迷惘於自我的時候 稍微想一點起來吧
看啊 在我的身體裡 因為還有笑容滿面的你啊
在我背後支持我的 因為還有綻放笑顏的你啊


Happy New Year to all friends abroad

From 2008_1224 Happy New Year gift

The new year's drawing near,besides sending Christmas gifts to some e-pals in China,I've also provided some gifts for my friends abroad to celebrate the new year!
Belial (in Tokyo Japan) and Round (in France) would not come home to celebrate the new year,so I bought them some very very special gifts that they would never expect to have.With it,I believe,they would have a same feeling as home.
Frank (in London England) and Mei (in Thailand) have not informed me their contracting address,so I can't send them anything for the new year although I'd love to.But,I hope you have a good day everyday.
Anyhow,no matter where you are now,I give my best wishes to you - all my friends.