It's never too late to go back

From Cycling around Guilin

(Figure 1 >> Get my trip started from here,the scene is really very Guilin,isn't it?)

I've been thinking of cycling around the city of Guilin,and today,with a shinny sun and good emotion,I decide to make it through.
After lunch,I borrow a bike from my roomate and then just cycle directly to the north edge of Guilin,getting this special journey started from the Yushan Bridge (虞山桥).
In fact,I don't have a map at hand,anyhow,I like the feeling of discovering the unknown,so,just follow my feelings and see what's there ready for me.
At first,I cycle along the west bank of Li River(漓江),wondering this way may lead me to the downtown bridge,but the fact is that I am totally wrong - After ten minutes' biking,the bank road turned out to be a stair leading to a moutain cave!Going on or turning back?I get somewhat confused for a moment.But it's never too late to go back befor I get what's wrong there,right?Well,let's go!
I shoulder the bike(of course it's a tiny bike),go upstairs climing,crossing the cave...
Guess what I'm in then?A public park called Diecai Moutain(叠彩山).Wowow,how amazing!
Then I catch sight of a map of the park in the entrance,now I know that the bank road is a part of the park,and is used for the resident around to jog around it.

From Cycling around Guilin

(Figure 2 >> This is the Li Riverm in the city)


  1. 我就知道桂林好看的。。

  2. hey, thnx for your comment, I've been to Guilin just this May, the view is breathtaking!

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