2008_0608 fly into my dreams

Finally it comes to the end of this year's colledge entrance examination,and I'm feeling a,more or less,sentimental feeling.Last year's this time,I didn't even know the result would be this amazing - I had to give out my architecture dream,but go to a very strange filed to me,and believe it or not,this field of electronic technology had ever made me mad in the senior high school,or I can say,I hate it.
But now,I'm feeling more comfortable,to look back to those days before,I should say that,it's beacause of my negelecting of my future that cause the result.But,to make things better,now that I know this,I should pay much attention to my own future now and the coming next day,the coming future.
Yep,just consider of my future.
My future?My fate,my road and my every thing in the future.
It seems to be a joke,but it really makes sence to do so.Just thinking of my yesterday!
My dream?
I remember thay one day I said to some friends thay I would be a graduate of the Shanghai Jiaotong University,but now I don't think it a quiet bright way.Instead,however,I would like to work immediately after the graduation,being an engineer of TV and to be a monster of multi-media.And in order to realise this dream,I should find a giant in this filed.After a long time searching,I think SONY,PIONNER and SHARP may be a very very good choose,but these company request many abilities for the cadidates,ranging from professional knowledge in electronic to the ability of foreign languages.......
But just look on myself,can I say I may achieve it?No,of course no,but this answer only belongs to this time's odawnw,but not the one of future!
Or I may say,this is my goal!This is my dream!
Hey!My dream!

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